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Hermitage white
100% Marsanne


The opening notes of the bouquet offer a burst of candied apricot and jasmine. The palate is more nuanced, with carefully balanced blend of savory mature notes.

This magnificent wine calls for equally timeless dishes. Pair it with broiled lobster tails, a homemade fish stew, or the unrivaled simplicity of a mature cheese.




Hermitage red
100% Syrah

This splendid wine is dense and complex. It is best consumed after cellaring for a few more years, which will soften and integrate the cocoa bean notes.

On the palate, this wine is generous and precise, with well-structured tannins and a delighful earthiness.

It is perfect for special occasions, accompanied by a white truffle risotto or roasted quail with mushrooms.


100% Syrah

Not being aged in oak makes this a rare Cornas wine.

We wanted to make a full-bodied, dense wine without oak that still reflects the voluptuousness and full-fruit flavors of a traditional Cornas wine. Instead of oak, we opted for a long aging period – 24 months in concrete vats. The bouquet is filled with light tobacco and mocha aromas and the palate is smooth, dense and enveloping. With a long and lightly mineral finish, it is a perfect wine for winter dishes like coq au vin or a casserole.