Our Wines – Domaine Lombard

The “Domaine Lombard” wines are all grown, bottled and aged on our estate.

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white wines

The Viognier
IGP Vin de Pays de la Drôme
100% Viognier
1,000 bottles per year

A wine that balances the roundness of a Condrieu and the acidity of a Southern Ardèche, with an aromatic bouquet typical of a Northern Rhône Viognier. 

The characteristic aromas of the grape variety – peach, apricot and white flowers – are powerful in the palate, but this power is balanced by a pleasant acidity that makes all the difference in this type of wine. A great aperitif, and an elegant accompaniment to sweet and sour dishes such as duck with orange sauce.  

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Brézème White
50% Marsanne, 45% Roussanne,
5% Viognier
5,000 bottles per year

A rare wine, produced in small quantity. 

The initial taste on the palate is all about the aromatic and roundness of the Roussanne and Viognier. Then, the Marsanne varietal come into play, precise, sharp and refreshing. The terroir gives this wine a long finish with refreshing minerality and salinity

A superb white wine that would be an ideal partner for white meats, poultry in creamy sauces, cheeses such as Roquefort or on its own as an aperitif.

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La Renaissance
50% Marsanne, 45% Roussanne,
5% Viognier
1,200 bottles per year

The selection of the most beautiful grapes, aged in sandstone.

A golden color with a complex bouquet of brioche and honeysuckle aromas.

The palate is marked by tension, with citrus and quince aromas. The long finish is saline and refreshing.

A white wine that will perfectly pair with fish accompanied with a flavourful sauce such as turbot with saffron.

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red wines

La Re-nommée
IGP Vin de Pays de la Drôme
90% Syrah, 10% Viognier
13,000 bottles per year

“The Renowned”. A fantastic compromise between density and drinkability.

Bouquet bursting with red fruits and flowers. A nice freshness on the palate thanks to the whole cluster fermentation. The Viognier softens the tannins and adds tangy notes of strawberry, raspberry and redcurrant. The ever-so-slightly salty and spicy finish implores you to take another sip. Great with charcuterie and meat dishes like roast lamb, turkey, barbecued or grilled chicken, tapas, or even with fish. 

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Brézème Red
100% Syrah 
10,000 bottles per year

This Syrah wine is the standard of Domaine Lombard.

The nose is powerful, with black fruits, spices and floral touches. 

In the mouth, there is a surprising tension that animates the wine, with chalky tannins that reflect the limestone terroir. A certain freshness brings the Syrah aromas and the fine tannic structure to a masculine finish that promises to evolve nicely over time.

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single vineyard red wines

Eugène de Monicault
100% Syrah
4,800 bottles per year

It is thanks to Eugène de Monicault that the Brézème appellation survived the phylloxera outbreak. 

Color is intense and strong, with purples hues. The deep bouquet oscillates between dark berries, violet, peony and licorice. On the palate, this wine reveals all its potential. Tannins are tight and silky and underpin the typical aromas of Syrah grapes grown in the Northern Rhône. The long, slightly roasted finish makes this an excellent wine to pair with roast lamb or Charolais beef. 

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100% Syrah
1,000 bottles per year

The bouquet is deep, dense, with ripe, dark berries aromas.

Ample and full-bodied wine. The limestone soil gives it great aromatic precision characterized by dark berries and spices.

The palate is smooth, and has a full-flavored freshness that comes from the whole cluster fermentation. This wine lingers before ending with a slightly menthol finish.

Drink it with braised or roast beef, or with a pot roast.

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La Tour du Diable
100% Syrah
600 bottles per year

“The Devil’s Tower”. The yield from this terroir makes three barrels of wine and we choose only the best one to make a wine worthy of the Devil’s Tower legend. 

The bouquet is complex, reminiscent of a fine Burgundy wine. The palate is delicate with tight tannins and floral aromas such as iris and peony. It’s a deep and ample wine with a finish that won’t leave you indifferent.

If you choose to cellar it, the fullness and uniqueness of the terroir – and perhaps the mysteries of the legend – will reveal themselves to you. Pairs best with rib beef with fleur de sel.

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