Our Vineyards

Like Burgundy, the Brézème region has identified historically unique areas whose special characteristics are recognized for its premium winemaking potential. Domaine Lombard is the only estate to be growing grapes in all five of these named vineyards, or lieux-dits, allowing us to choose the best grapes from the best parcels to make our wines.

The true name of the area nicknamed The Devil’s Tower, which sits at the gates of the old town of Livron. It is the steepest part of the Brézème hill. Domaine Lombard is the only estate to have renovated this exceptional terroir, meter by meter.

Raspans, Brézème West

The area between Raspans and Mount Roti, with a noticeable slope and soil mixture of limestone and clay (marl).

Les Murs, Brézème West

Located at the bottom of the hill on the east side, this chalky limestone and sandy terrain is harvested with tractors. Many estates work this land.

Champy, Brézème East

Terraced land overlooking the Champs vineyard. Although it is not classified in the Brézème appelation, it is high-quality land with a long history.

Pavi, Brézème East

A gently sloped hill, located northeast of Livron, made of a limestone subsoil and covered in rounded pebbles.

Les Davids, Brézème West

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When the estate changed hands in 2011, the vineyard consisted of only seven hectares, mostly in the flatlands. Domaine Lombard has since became the first grower to rehabilitate the hillside. It is the heart of the original terroir and the area recognized as a lieu-dit in the historical land register. By 2018, our vineyards grew to 16 hectares and in a few years, Domaine Lombard will reach our desired size of 20 hectares with two-thirds on the hillside.