Where to Find Our Wines

Our distributors are as carefully cultivated as our vines and wines. Located all over the world, they are a distinguished group, which includes more than 40 Michelin-star restaurants, acclaimed  independent wine stores, and celebrated wine bars. They are as passionate as we are about accompanying the customer on the journey through their tastings, meals, and purchases. 

The list below is a sampling of our partners; the asterisks indicate Michelin stars. For a full list, please use the contact form on the website.

Distributors & Importers

      • France: Breton, Lombard Sélection/C. Favre, Olivier Margueritte, Agence Dgustation Selection
      • England: Yapp Brothers
      • USA: Cru Selections, Planet Wine, Grassroots, Hop and Wine
      • Germany: K&U
      • Sweden: Skrubbes Wines AB
      • China: Ruby Red
      • Ireland: Nomad Wine Importers


 France :

      • PIC, Valence (***)
      • Les Cèdres, Granges-les-Beaumont (**)
      • Le Taillevent, Paris (**)
      • Le Pavillon de la Grande Cascade, Paris (*) 
      • La Rotonde, La Tour de Salvagny, Lyon (*)
      • Pierre Orsi, Lyon

England : 

      • Nathan Outlaw, Cornwall (**)
      • Casamia, Bristol (*)  
      • Gauthier Soho, London (*)
      • 11 Cadogan Gardens, London

USA : 

      • Amelie Wine Bar, New York, NY; San Francisco, CA
      • The Lodge at Sonoma Renaissance Resort, Sonoma, CA
      • Forage, Boston, MA
      • Art of the Table, Seattle, WA

Other :

      • Mauritius, Seychelles, Maldives: The Constance Hotels (luxury hotels)

Our Importers and Distributors Around the World